Sunday, December 30, 2007

I think I'll create a food blog

So now that I'm married and the insanity that is wedding planning is over, I decided I needed a new hobby. Since you have to eat and I've found that I do love cooking with all of our new fun gadgets, I've decided to create a food blog.

I was on the Weight Watchers Flex (aka, points) plan beginning September, 2005. And believe me, it really works. However, I've gotten tired of counting every single thing I put in my mouth (and it's actually really easy to cheat on Flex - 2 apples may be the same number of points as 100 calorie cupcakes, but the nutritional values are wildly different), so I'm considering going for the Core (aka, healthier food choices, sans counting) plan in 2008. That said, many of the recipes you'll find on here are Weight Watchers/healthy eating friendly. And for those that aren't, well, you do have to treat yourself sometimes, after all!

So happy reading, happy cooking, happy eating, and soon to be happy 2008!

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